By integrating the hot spot social channels and media, we devote ourselves to full-scale integrated marketing depending on the most powerful KOL resource. We provide strategy consultancy and creative solutions with more insightful interactive strategies and creative campaign focus on front-end technology communication. 我们提供出色创意和前瞻性的数字及社交媒体传播策略。通过整合当下热点社交渠道与媒介,我们凭借横跨各领域的中国最强大KOL资源库,以更具洞察力的互动策略与创意Campaign着眼于前沿科技的前端传播,致力于用全方位整合营销策略为客户提供战略咨询和创造性的解决方案
新媒体运营与管理 NEW MEDIA OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT 我们更懂前沿创新 We know more about cutting-edge innovation 站在业界前沿,Bon Voyage PR数字及社交媒体传播团队拥有众多极具才华的数字传播专家,提供包括数字/社交媒体内容创意、社交媒体平台内容制作维护及推广、CRM、SEM/SEO、eKOL、微店、电子商务、网站建设维护、视频创意制作推广等在内的全方位数字传播解决方案。 Standing at the forefront of the industry, the Bon Voyage PR digital and social media communications team has many talented digital communications experts, including digital/social media content creation, social media platform content production maintenance and promotion, CRM, SEM/SEO, eKOL, Comprehensive digital communications solutions including micro-stores, e-commerce, website construction and maintenance, video creative production and promotion.
Our expertise
◆ Digital and social media communications
• Public Affairs and Government Relations• Crisis Public Relations and  Incident Management
• Marketing services for the Chinese market • 数字及社交媒体传播 • 公共事务及政府关系 • 危机公关和事件管理
• 针对中国市场的市场营销服务
互联网飞速发展,论坛、博客、问答知识、微博、微信、视频直播…… The rapid development of the Internet, forums, blogs, question and answer knowledge, Weibo, WeChat, live video...

We help our clients to develop with inspiring, motivating, and shaping ideas. We make consumers to think and act in new ways to connect them with the brand and become brand advocates.